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Derma Bisou Velvet Set

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Fundamental Solution to Skin Problems Derma Bisou Series 4pcs Set


Plastic surgery and dermatology medical care now can be easily performed at home, which you can feel the wonderful miracle of being reborn as beautiful and healthy skin. The Derma Bisou Line, which permeates the skin lightly without stickiness, proves its effectiveness withaprofessional understandingoftheskin,excellenteffects,andhighsafety.

(Will enter into more than 50 plastic surgery clinics and dermatology stores nationwide. Skin Care Specialist - Derma Bisou 4 pcs Set)

Product Feature

▶Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin.
- Completed skin hypoallergenic test and slightly acidic PH (Cleansing gel)

▶ Vegan beauty products that use animal-derived ingredients/not tested on animals.
▶ Moisturize and maintain skin moisture.
▶ Skin whitening / Wrinkle Care
▶ Strengthen and protect skin barrier.
▶ Non-sticky with a refreshing feeling



▶Low molecular hyaluronic acid Moisture/moisturizing complete
▶Centella asiatica extract
▶Purslane Extract
▶Glyceryl Glucoside - Extract ingredients of Resurrection Plant
whitening functional ingredient
▶Completed adenosine wrinkle improvement function


Line up

Derma Bisou Velvet Toner --------- 120ml/EA
Derma Bisou Velvet Essence ------- 50ml/EA
Derma Bisou Velvet Cream --------- 50ml/EA
Derma Bisou Velvet Cleansing Gel-- 200ml/EA


    Derma Bisou Velvet Set
    Derma Bisou Velvet Set